The Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) is an online workbench that aids collection, management, analysis, and use of DNA barcodes. It consists of 3 components (MAS, IDS, and ECS) that each address the needs of various groups in the barcoding community. 
BOLD-MAS provides a repository for barcode records coupled with analytical tools. It serves as an online workbench for the DNA barcode community.
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BOLD-IDS provides a species identification tool that accepts DNA sequences from the barcode region and returns a taxonomic assignment to the species level when possible. s
BOLD-ECS provides web developers and bioinformaticians the ability to build tools and workflows that can be integrated with the BOLD framework. BOLD-ECS supplies REST services that allows access to public sequence and specimen data. We welcome the addition of new analytical modules. d
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Ratnasingham, S. & Hebert, P. D. N. (2007). BOLD : The Barcode of Life Data System (
Molecular Ecology Notes 7, 355�364. DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-8286.2006.01678.x

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UPDATE: BOLD 2.5 will be taken offline permanently by July 2015.

You can find the replacement version of BOLD at Please contact our support staff if you have any questions (
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The next iteration of the BOLD platform, V3.0, is available in beta form at Significant revisions have been made to support an increasing diversity of workflows and an increasing volume of data. A major advance is the activation of Barcode Index Numbers (BINs), an interim taxonomic system for animals, and an annotation framework that supports rapid community based validation of barcode data. As of November 2011, this version is currently in BETA, and the older version of BOLD (2.5) will still be available in parallel. A subset of the many new features:
Batch Identification Up to 100 sequences can be identified at a time for registered users.
Alignment Support Access to Muscle and Kalign algorithms simplify and enhance workflows for plant barcoders.
Bibliography Database A searchable, community maintained database of barcode papers linked to published datasets.
Performance Optimization Expedited access to and analysis of very large datasets using a new high performance cluster.
Lepidoptera: The Lepidoptera Barcode of Life campaign aims to build a barcode library for all butterflies and moths. Fishes : The FISH-BOL campaign will gather barcodes for at least 15,000 fish species with an emphasis on marine species. spacer Birds : The All-Birds Barcode Initiative (ABBI) plans to assemble DNA barcodes for all 10,000 bird species within 5 years. spacer Barcoding the Canadian Arctic
iBOL, the International Barcode of Life Project   Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding: The hub of the Canadian Barcode Network, barcoding protocols and background.   Consortium for the Barcode Of Life: The coalition of organizations advancing DNA barcode assembly.   Rockefeller University: Background on DNA barcoding assembled by the Program for the Human Environment.